Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

Jeff is struggling with child access restrictions caused by his ex-wife.

She insists that his only time with his children will be supervised at a contact center. Her new boyfriend has taken over the job of dropping the kids at school and has almost moved in to the home he continues to pays for.

There are no court orders, police are not involved and the staff at the contact center continue to ask him, why are you here?

Jeff works full time in a good job but is going backwards financially.

He tells us that he pays his bills, the mortgage on the house his ex and kids live in, just manages to cover his living expenses, pays child support and has enough money left over to pay for four one hour visits with his kids each month.

He would see them more but the $400 a month is the limit.

He feels trapped by a system that allows the mother of his kids to make all the decisions about access, and if he doesn’t do what she say’s, she threatens to call police and get a protection order.

When he did contact police for help, he was told there was nothing they could do to help and he would need to go to the family courts.

He can’t move forward with his life, he can see his kids struggling each precious hour he spends with them and the only thing his ex says is that she needs more money.

Jeff killed himself yesterday.

There will be no flowers at his unit where they found his body, the media won’t report on his passing, his children will never know the truth and our government will continue to blame fathers for their policy failures.

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