Together fathers can change the system – our kids & our future depend on it

Portrait Project

The ABF is seeking to document the stories and images of fathers who have been through family law courts, dealt with  the abusive child support system and had experienced domestic violence matters as victims of family and domestic violence.

All of these fathers have experienced extreme personal trauma and have come out the other side with harrowing stories of institutional abuse, domestic violence and family violence. Their experiences tell us that the domestic violence system is actively working against Australian men because their gender devaluing their roles as parents.

The common connection between these fathers is the failure of their relationships and that they have all have talked openly about how suicide became an option in their darker moments.

These images bring together the story of Australian fathers and their families in crisis.

It is also a sobering look at the failure of Australian social policy to recognise men can be victims of family and domestic violence, the gender bias in family law and the important role fathers play in the lives of their children and in our society.

If you are interested in supporting the exhibition with funding or gallery space please contact the ABF via email